Pain for Dummies, from "the Neurotopian" Blog by Matthias Weinberg PT

  • This is an excellent resource.  After you read this information you will have a much improved, and very current understanding of pain.


Overcoming pain webcast, by Neil Pearson PT

  • In this video webcast series, Neil Pearson presents information that will help you to better understand why, and how you hurt.


Mirror Therapy Series, also from "the Neurotopian" blog by Matthias Weinberg PT

  • Mirror therapy is a relatively new treatment with very strong research support used for treatment for CRPS (formerly known as RSD), phantom limb pain, and other neuropathic pains.  Here, Matthias does a fantastic job of describing the treatment and giving some useful tips for those using it.  This treatment is available at Forward Motion.


Neuro Orthopaedic Institute podcast series with David Butler PT


David Butler's Neurodynamics Blog

  • In this blog David discusses the concept of neurodynamics, which concerns the nervous system and its involvement in movement and mechanical pain.


David Butler's Neuromatrix Training Blog

  • In this blog David talks on Graded Motor Imagery, which consists of the Limb laterality program, Motor Imagery, and Mirror therapy training.


David Butler's Explain Pain Blog

  • This blog discusses the importance of, and research behind understanding pain. 

Article in Scientific American on Mirror Therapy

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