Cory Blickenstaff

Founder and owner of Forward Motion Physical Therapy PT, MS, OCS

Cory’s primary interest is helping those in pain.  He has advanced training in several manual therapy and movement approaches but states that his method “varies based upon the needs of the individual being treated and the issues they present.”  This allows him to treat the full spectrum from acute aches and pains to chronic persistent pain, sedentary individuals to elite athletes, young as well as the elderly.  He prides himself on being able to provide explanations that decrease the uncertainty of pain and increase understanding of the process of resolving pain, in addition to providing effective treatment.

Cory has worked hard to become an excellent therapist.  Along the way he has become a board certified clinical specialist in orthopaedics through the American Physical Therapy Association. 

Central to Cory’s approach is a respect for pain.  While pain sometimes accompanies recovery, you do not need a "no pain, no gain" attitude to get better.  In fact, such an attitude is usually counterproductive.  Instead, Cory focuses on teaching you what your pain means and how to deal with it successfully when it occurs without having to ignore it or avoid it."

Originally from the Midwest, Cory graduated from the University of Indianapolis’ physical therapy program.  After working for a time in the Midwest he and his wife moved to Vancouver, WA in 2004.  Born and raised in Indiana, Cory had no choice but to become an avid basketball fan.  Other recreational interests include hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and skiing.


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