When disruption of the tissue occurs the body takes itself through repair stages.  Assistance at each stage ensures optimal and efficient healing.

Identification of movements involved, and extent of involvement allows for:
  • Initial decrease of strain through injured segments
  • Addressing movements involved in the injury
  • Progressing the tissue to egain full strength, elasticity, and endurance.   If done too quickly, re-injury may occur.  If done inadequately, incomplete rebuilding will occur.
  • Making changes such that activity can be continued or altered as necessary.

Frequently, addressing an injury in a timely fashion along with various manual therapy and taping techniques allows for continued activity participation.


Pain Resolution

While typically many think of pain and injury as always being present together, this is not the case.  Pain can occur in absence of injury and often be reduced or eliminated very quickly.

What I do:
  • Use manual therapy to decrease the protective response of the body
  • Increase awareness of the body's movement tendancies
  • Facilitate the needed movement expression
  • Use movement therapy for re-integration of normal pain free motion
Other treatments offered:


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