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Month: February 2011

Do We Need to Stretch?

Stretching, the most common form of warming up, is not an effective way of lengthening muscle tissue. In order to add actual length to a muscle you’d have to stretch hourly, every day, for a looong time. Stretching may yet have value as a manner of increasing awareness of movement options. But, do we need to stretch? There are many ways to increase your movement repertoire besides stretching. I call these methods of movement variability training. I think that much of the reported benefits of many popular movement methods, like… Read more Do We Need to Stretch?

Option Variety: The Real Story Behind Stretching

One very common method utilized for warming up is stretching. Stretching is commonly assumed to add length to muscles, improve range of motion, and therefore improve performance. However, research has made it clear that adding any lasting length to a muscle requires stretching every hour of every day for a loooong time. This is why people so commonly say “it doesn’t seem to matter how much I stretch, I’m always tight!” So if stretching isn’t effective for adding muscle length, is there any value in it? How well we cope… Read more Option Variety: The Real Story Behind Stretching

Something to strive for 2: Engagement

While we each bring different expertise to the table, we are all leaders, or should strive to be. I may not be qualified in your area of expertise and you may not be qualified in mine. This means that we each have a vital role in the collaboration. You may come to me with an issue that lends itself to my expertise, like back pain. However, my expertise is of little value without your expertise regarding your goals, expectations, and circumstances. For us to collaborate, we need each other’s contributions.… Read more Something to strive for 2: Engagement

Something to strive for

Manage yourself. Lead others. I work in patient/therapist, client/consultant, and employer/employee relationships. I don’t want to manage a patient, client, or employee. I want to lead them. At the same time I want to be led by them. The truly great thing about any interaction is that each party brings something of their own to the table, the table is shared, and everyone then takes something away from the table. Leaders create tables where effective sharing occurs. Which tables you allow others to share with you and what you take… Read more Something to strive for

Movement Enrichment 2: Variation. If all you have is a hammer, is everything a nail?

Are you a creature of habit? Of course you are. We all are. It’s how we’re built. Habits allow us to act without attention. And I don’t know about you, but I can use all the spare attention I can get. But are you aware of your habits? I am aware that I habitually check my pocket for the keys before shutting the car door, even though this doesn’t require my attention. However, I may not be aware that each time I do this I also clear my throat. I… Read more Movement Enrichment 2: Variation. If all you have is a hammer, is everything a nail?

More on Novel Movemements

Pain is an opinion. Novel movements are those that your body has not yet made an opinion about. Novel movement creates a window of opportunity for your body to come to a non-painful opinion about a movement. If you get enough non-painful opinions accumulated, your body might change its overall opinion.