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Category: does it hurt when you move?

More on Novel Movemements

Pain is an opinion. Novel movements are those that your body has not yet made an opinion about. Novel movement creates a window of opportunity for your body to come to a non-painful opinion about a movement. If you get enough non-painful opinions accumulated, your body might change its overall opinion.

Novelty: A Window of Opportunity

Novelty is king when it comes to moving with less pain. There’s some pretty cool brain chemistry at play in this. Dopamine is released in the brain when we encounter something novel. It’s like a messenger to the rest of the brain saying “Hey everybody, wake up and pay attention. This is something new.” Novelty is so useful because it is something you don’t yet have an impression of. In pain, you keep encountering movements that give the impression of danger and thus the response of protection. Novel movements give… Read more Novelty: A Window of Opportunity