Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast


I do a monthly podcast on topics related to pain science and physical therapy at the PTpodcast Network.

Episode 35: The Smallest Worthwhile Effect of Physiotherapy

Episode 34: How Well Do We Remember Past Pains?

Episode 33: Reconsidering the IASP Definition of Pain

Episode 32: Are There Ethical Concerns With Mindfulness Approaches?

Episode 31: Expectancy Violation Update

Episode 30: I am a Placebo: an Interview with Dr. Nortin Hadler, MD

Episode 29: Discussion of the book “Meanings of Pain”

Episode 28: Does Manual Therapy Suck?

Episode 27: Transverse Abdominals in Low Back Pain

Episode 26: Can We Predict Who’s at Risk for Persistent Pain?

Episode 25: Comparing and Using Low Back Pain Clinical Guidelines

Episode 24: Trigger Points, the “Third Space”, and the Merit of Pain Theories with Dr. Milton Cohen

Episode 23: Modeling Pain and Other Bayesian Topics

Episode 22: Do Systematic Biases Impact Care?

Episode 21: Aerobic Exercise for Pain

Episode 20: Neuropathic Pain at the Pelvis

Episode 19: PT Podcast Network Holiday Extravaganza 2016

Episode 18: What IS a Picture Worth?

Episode 17: Are there Ghosts in Your Machine?

Episode 16: CBT in the Workplace

Episode 15: Maximizing Exposure Therapy Revisited with Bronnie Thompson and Paul Lagerman

Episode 14: Motor Control and Walking for Pain

Episode 13: Pelvic Floor Hyperalgesia

Episode 12: Maximizing Exposure Therapy

Episode 11: Function vs Activity

Episode 10: Neurodynamics and Fibromyalgia

Episode 9: PT Podcast Network Holiday Extravaganza

Episode 8: Pain- Of Mice and Men?

Episode 7: CBT for Chronic Pain delivered Through the Internet

Episode 6: To Exercise or Not to Exercise with Chronic Pain

Episode 5: Follow-Up Discussion to the James McAuley Interview

Episode 4: Revisiting Self-Efficacy with James McAuley

Episode 3: Catastrophizing and Graded Exposure

Episode 2: New Theory of Chronic Pain

Episode 1: Self-efficacy and Fear of Movement in Chronic Back Pain