Welcome to my blog. My name is Cory Blickenstaff and I am a physical therapist. I own and operate a clinic in Vancouver, WA called Forward Motion Physical Therapy. I am a board certified specialist in orthopaedics and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. While physical therapists help a wide variety of people with a wide variety of problems, my particular interest is in helping people in pain. These people may be young or elderly, elite athletes or couch potatoes, dealing with new pains or with very old and persistent pain. They may have any number of medical diagnoses. I see people at many places on many spectrums. If they hurt when they move I try to help them.

This blog will often be about discussing issues involving physical therapy, pain, and its treatment. I will hope to keep it entertaining, bringing in seemingly unrelated topics and tying them in to what it is to experience and recover from pain.

Also of concern to me is protection of the consumer. Searching for effective health-care today is daunting. There are as many resources as there are people to ask and often times advice is conflicting. Oprah may say one thing while your physician says quite another and a chiropractor tells you a third. In this time of easy to access information there is a lot of opportunistic marketing around to prey on the unsuspecting health-care consumer.

The second purpose of this blog will be to examine some of these issues. We’ll discuss some of the marketing ploys out there, how to recognize the deceitful ones, and where to find good information. Consumer protectionism if you will.

Feel free to comment on my posts and join in the discussion.

Cory Blickenstaff PT

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