Forward Motion is a Zero Carbon Business!

Forward Motion Physical Therapy is proud to announce that we are now a carbon free business!

We have partnered with to purchase a carbon offset, thereby making us a “Carbon-free partner” and a carbon neutral business. (Actually, we contributed at a level that should more than offset our carbon contribution thus making us a carbon reducing business!)

This is an interesting process. uses the money to support carbon reducing projects such as reforestation and wind farms and recieves a carbon credit through the “cap and trade” system for doing so. The credit is never traded, however, which effectively removes the carbon from the market. For a much more thorough description see this review.

In a time when the phrase “going green” is becoming increasingly more meaningless and prone to exploitation as it grows in popularity, this is an action that provides real results to a real problem.

Forward Motion is proud to be carbon-free!

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