We Can’t All be Clint Eastwood

I like movie analogies. After all, getting through pain, disability, and loss of function is a lot like a good Batman movie.

In this recent blogpost, Seth Godin said this of Sofia Coppola:

In describing the role her brother played in producing one of her movies, Sofia Coppola said, “he protected the film.”

I hope the same could be said of my work as a physical therapist.

Sometimes we are not in a position to self produce, direct, and star in our own movie. Hey, we can’t all be Clint Eastwood all of the time. Sometimes we get into predicaments with which we are not prepared to cope. After all, there’s a lot that goes into making a good movie! You need a safe place to work. You need to know how to use all of the tools available to you. You need information. You need to walk through certain doors and stay away from others. A good producer can help with all of these aspects of making a movie because a good producer is also a Hollywood insider.

The director’s chair is a place of privilege. Be wary of those who ask to sit in yours.

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