The Edge

Edges are productive. When confronted with an edge one must alter the approach to continue. For this reason, at the edge is where creativity exists. At the edge is where most potential for change exists.

The body’s protective responses are an edge.

Sometimes it’s tough to know where an edge begins because some are a gradual transition. Some are hidden by fog. How will you notice an edge if you can’t see it?

Pain itself is not the only characteristic of the protective edge. There are many changes in behavior that may mark the beginning of the edge. Muscles may tighten. Breathing may change. Fear and uncertainty may take hold.

By getting to know the edge, learning to identify it, we can walk up to it with confidence.

The edge is where things happen. Be it good or bad, it happens at the edge. This is why so many choose to stay away from them. It’s quite possible that failure awaits. This uncertainty can be disabling, literally.

Don’t avoid the edge and don’t ignore the edge. Learn to identify it, then work at the edge.

Hat tip to Seth Godin. Until reading his description of “edgecraft” I had always called this movement concept “working at the boundary.” The edge captures this concept so much better.

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