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Symptom Modification: The Next Question

I’ve finally been lulled from my blogging hibernation! I first started sniffing the air when a discussion broke out between two of my favorite PT thinkers, Adam Meakins and Greg Lehman, regarding symptom modification. Adam wrote this post, to which Greg provided a rebuttal and Adam a response. Both Greg and Adam agree that symptom modification is not necessary for recovery, but may be sufficient to guide practice. Greg and Adam demonstrate what a fierce debate can accomplish when the parties involved don’t get their noses bent out of shape… Read more Symptom Modification: The Next Question

Get In and Drive

I recently wrote about the balanced diet of movement and how important the movement repertoire can be. But I want to be clear that just having options isn’t enough. After all, just having a car and map doesn’t get you to the grocery store. You’ve got to get in and drive. If a broad movement repertoire were all you needed then gymnasts, dancers and contortionists would all be pain free. But, alas, they hurt like the rest of us. Let’s try an experiment . Place a cup upside down on… Read more Get In and Drive