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Get In and Drive

I recently wrote about the balanced diet of movement and how important the movement repertoire can be. But I want to be clear that just having options isn’t enough. After all, just having a car and map doesn’t get you to the grocery store. You’ve got to get in and drive. If a broad movement repertoire were all you needed then gymnasts, dancers and contortionists would all be pain free. But, alas, they hurt like the rest of us. Let’s try an experiment . Place a cup upside down on… Read more Get In and Drive

Risk vs. Threat

Successfully getting off the ledge, to the edge, and then doing effective edgework depends on the absence of a looming threat, be it real or perceived. All three ideas I offered (1, 2, and 3) have in common one thing: they all aim at reducing threat. But, don’t confuse threat and risk. Working at the edge is a risk. But then again, so is walking out your front door. A risk simply means a chance at failure. There’s a lot to be learned from failure and risk can be something… Read more Risk vs. Threat

Do You Get Your Medical Advice on Oprah?

Dare I speak against Oprah, who can turn a book into a best seller by simply mentioning that she’s read it? Could someone who is richer than everyone I know combined and multiplied by 10 possibly not have all the answers? I’ll just give a general rule: Being a celebrity does not make you an expert on anything other than being a celebrity. Oprah’s entertainment media is wildly popular and she is gifted at eliciting and portraying stories of empowerment. What she is not gifted at, apparently, is detecting or… Read more Do You Get Your Medical Advice on Oprah?

Exactly What is Physical Therapy?

What is Physical Therapy exactly? Isn’t physical therapy just exercise? Can’t my chiropractor do physical therapy? Can’t I get physical therapy from a personal trainer or at the gym? These are commonly asked questions. The answer to all of them is NO. I’ll get to why in a minute. Let’s start broadly and then get more specific. Here is an official answer (warning: dry wording ahead): Physical therapy is the application of evaluation and/or treatment to movement dysfunction as provided by a licensed physical therapist. Great, there’s the official answer.… Read more Exactly What is Physical Therapy?

What is Physical Therapy and Who are Physical Therapists?

Day to day in the clinic and around the community I frequently encounter misconceptions about what physical therapy is and who physical therapists are. I suppose this state of affairs is true of a lot of professions, but I find that these misconceptions often influence when and why a person might seek the care of a therapist. Here are a few questions about who we are that I am often asked:– How much school did you have to go through?– Do you guys just treat athletes?– What types of problems… Read more What is Physical Therapy and Who are Physical Therapists?