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We Can’t All be Clint Eastwood

I like movie analogies. After all, getting through pain, disability, and loss of function is a lot like a good Batman movie. In this recent blogpost, Seth Godin said this of Sofia Coppola: In describing the role her brother played in producing one of her movies, Sofia Coppola said, “he protected the film.” I hope the same could be said of my work as a physical therapist. Sometimes we are not in a position to self produce, direct, and star in our own movie. Hey, we can’t all be Clint… Read more We Can’t All be Clint Eastwood

TIME Magazine VS. Exercise

John Cloud has written an article that will be considered blasphemy by many in the fitness arena, including many in my own profession of physical therapy. The article appears in the August 17, 2009 TIME magazine and is titled “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin.” Quite a provocative title, eh? There have been some good reviews recently of what science actually has to say about weight loss and these reviews are consistent with the overall theme of Clouds article. This one is excellent. Does this mean that you should stop… Read more TIME Magazine VS. Exercise

Scrutinizing claims

One of the toughest yet most important thing to do as a consumer of health care is to know the quality of information that you’re being given. How do you know if someone is giving you good information? After all, there is contradictory info out there for pretty much everything! Well, luckily for us not all information is created equally and there are ways to scrutinize claims to help gain some insight into how much weight, if any, they carry. It may appear that I’ve grown infatuated with Dr. Val… Read more Scrutinizing claims

David Butler, of NOI group in Australia, has put out a video explaining Graded Motor Imagery. This treatment, offered here at Forward Motion, includes mirror therapy and continues to gain research support as a support for various pain and movement conditions. Here is the video in its entirety. Enjoy!

Health Care Reform

Health care reform is upon us and many, including myself, are watching anxiously to see what we’ll end up with. Several terms are becoming more and more commonplace in the news, including “socialized medicine”, “single payer system” and “public option.” Much debate exists as to the utility of these approaches and I won’t claim to have the answers. Depending on your view point of the role of government, it seems, the Canadian system is pointed to as both a successful model to follow and an example of how this type… Read more Health Care Reform

Do You Get Your Medical Advice on Oprah?

Dare I speak against Oprah, who can turn a book into a best seller by simply mentioning that she’s read it? Could someone who is richer than everyone I know combined and multiplied by 10 possibly not have all the answers? I’ll just give a general rule: Being a celebrity does not make you an expert on anything other than being a celebrity. Oprah’s entertainment media is wildly popular and she is gifted at eliciting and portraying stories of empowerment. What she is not gifted at, apparently, is detecting or… Read more Do You Get Your Medical Advice on Oprah?

Forward Motion is a Zero Carbon Business!

Forward Motion Physical Therapy is proud to announce that we are now a carbon free business! We have partnered with to purchase a carbon offset, thereby making us a “Carbon-free partner” and a carbon neutral business. (Actually, we contributed at a level that should more than offset our carbon contribution thus making us a carbon reducing business!) This is an interesting process. uses the money to support carbon reducing projects such as reforestation and wind farms and recieves a carbon credit through the “cap and trade” system for… Read more Forward Motion is a Zero Carbon Business!

Forward Motion is a Zero Carbon Business

Forward Motion Physical Therapy has become a “Carbon-free partner” with This means that we have purchased a carbon offset to account for the amount of carbon that is generated by our business for the year. The process by which this occurs is pretty interesting. uses the money to support carbon reducing projects (like reforestation, or wind energy projects) which generates a carbon credit from the “cap and trade” system, but then never trades the credit. This effectively removes the carbon from the market. For a more thorough discussion… Read more Forward Motion is a Zero Carbon Business