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The Ticking Time Bomb

People worry that imperfect movements create patterns of strain that make them a ticking time bomb to be struck down with pain at any moment. But will they? I have 3 questions: 1) Why don’t people with cerebral palsy hurt constantly at every joint? *Cerebral palsy is a condition where movements are difficult to control and where movement and postural asymmetry are common How do you explain why so many people display these imperfect and asymmetrical movement patterns but have no pain? But maybe they are all just ticking time… Read more The Ticking Time Bomb

Interaction 2

Whenever you are in someone’s presence, that person is telling themselves a story about you. Whenever someone even thinks of you, they will project a story they perceive as coming from you. It’s like seeing a movie. The movie makers had a story in mind to portray to you, to move you in certain ways. However, the story you actually tell yourself about the movie may be totally different. On many occasions I’ve seen the same “bloodletting” story used to make opposing points, as another example. The story we’re told… Read more Interaction 2


Whenever we touch someone, we are telling them a story with our hands. Whenever we talk we are telling a story with our voice. When we listen to someone, we are telling them a story with our body language. When we enter a room that someone else occupies, we are telling them a story with our body language. What stories are you telling?