1. Thanks Byron. In the prevention talks I give at work sites I do a little demonstration where I have everyone curl their toes for 2 minutes or so. Then we stand up and feel the difference in balance between the foot we moved vs. the one we didn't.


  2. i m a french physio
    i know the concept of edge of pain during neural mobilisation
    when dorsiflexion is performed you can have a pain s ege in compression front of the ankle or a edge in tension at the back of the ankle
    1 when you manage your treatment, what do you treat first the edgge in compression or the egge in tension ?
    what is your professionnal experience about this ?

    personnaly i treat first edge in compression until abolition of it and after i treat edge in tension secundly which is more traditionnal ?
    thanks a lot


  3. Hi Sebastian. I'm concerned with the first sign of the edge, whatever or wherever it may be. It could be a compression sensation on the front, it could be tension on the back, it could be as subtle as a change in breathing pattern. I'm less concerned with the location or quality of the sensation as much as I am with the patient's ability to identify it and engage it.

    Great question.


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